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Request A Building Report Auckland, Wellsford, Orewa Before Buying Or Selling Property

Request A Building Report Auckland, Wellsford, Orewa Before Buying Or Selling Property

Before buying or selling a house it is recommended that a complete professional home inspection is completed to identify any current and potential future problems that should not be detected from the human eye. On the whole, estate agents are merely in a position to detect obvious visual defects within the exterior structure of your building and it is therefore inside the interest of most parties to determine things that are unseen. Only a seasoned home inspector can climb into the roof or in to the roof space to inspect the condition of the roof structure, beams and roof tiles for instance. A specialist building report Auckland, Wellsford, Orewa safeguards the consumer, seller, as well as the estate agent from future complaints and might protect them from legalities related to non-disclosure.

  • How come a Building Report Important?

A building report provides anyone involved in property transactions an impartial opinion about the current condition from the property, actual defects, and also any potential future issues that may occur in the near future as a result of identifiable risks. It offers protection from unethical practices and the intentions of unscrupulous sellers.

Jim’s Building Inspections give a comprehensive selection of services for commercial and residential properties that are essential in the sales process. Their very skilled inspectors have extensive experience with the latest Zealand building standards as well as specific knowledge of the design methods, building products, and systems used in the business.

A building report Auckland, Wellsford, Orewa includes non-destructive visual inspections specifically targeting the next:

•Interior roof spaces and exterior roof inspection

•Roofing material inspection

•Underfloor areas including insulation, foundations, ground moisture and framing

•Interior and exterior areas including floors, ceilings, windows, and any specified services and systems

•The general condition of the site including driveways, fencing, retaining walls and drainage

•Other structures including garages and sheds

In order to ensure that the most accurate facts are obtained, Jim’s building inspectors utilize the latest technology and advanced equipment including thermal imaging cameras, moisture metres, sounding devices, and scopes.

  • Jim’s Building Inspections Packages

There are 2 packages to choose from:

1.A fundamental Building Inspection Package covers the vast majority of building inspection requirements and includes:

-A basic building report

-Existing safety hazards

-Minor defects

-Significant defects

2.Reduced Inspection Package is generally needed for buildings more than four decades which may require electrical, plumbing or gas upgrades. A qualified electrician and plumber will be asked to conduct these components in the inspection. The premium package includes everything included in the basic package with incorporating electrical, plumbing, and gas inspections.

A building inspection will not include any electrical wiring, insulation, or plumbing concealed throughout the walls or anything below ground for example soil conditions, draining or footage.

A building report Auckland, Wellsford, Orewa presents written and photographic proof of hidden problems detected and presents them inside a clear and objective manner. Furthermore, it includes positive elements of your building meant for purchase or sale which can be used to the advantage of a seller or buyer in the sales process.

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